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Пресс-Рилизы: 29 Юлия 2003


29 Юлия 2003

Press Advisory: Russian and U.S. Leaders Unite to Avert Collapse of Bering Sea Ecosystem
Marine experts from the U.S. and Russia are coming together to tackle the tough issues they say have been neglected by government agencies...

Press Briefing: The Bering Sea at Risk ( 535k acrobat pdf)

Anchorage Daily News: 20 April 2004

By: Doug O'Harra

People loving oceans to death

Reuters: 16 April 2004

By: By Yereth Rosen

Warming Climate Disrupts Alaska Natives' Lives

Seattle Times: February 12, 2004

By: Craig Welch

Oceans in Peril: 'We have to Change Course,' say Scientists

New York Times : June 27, 2002
By: Sabrina Tavernise
A Violent Death Exposes Fish Piracy in Russia

Los Angeles Times : March 31, 2002
By: Usha Lee McFarling
Arctic Ice and Way of Life Melting Away for Eskimos. Nature goes awry, bringing vast climatic and cultural changes, and baffling residents and researchers alike.